Pelican Cases and Lighting

Re-Launch of Pelican Cases and Lighting

Get ready for the ultimate gear protection with Pelican Cases and Lighting! We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of our website, Our website will feature a wide range of durable and reliable cases and lights that are perfect for all your outdoor, industrial, and tactical needs. From hard-shell cases for your equipment to waterproof and crushproof lights, we have everything you need to protect your gear and stay safe in any situation. With our easy order platform, you can effortlessly order the perfect case or light for your needs. Stay tuned for our relaunch and get ready to elevate your gear game with Pelican Cases and Lighting.

What are Pelican cases?

Pelican cases are a type of protective case typically used for transporting and storing equipment. They are known for their durability and ability to protect against impact, water, dust and extreme temperatures. Pelican cases are made from a hard plastic material that is resistant to impact and penetration. They are commonly used to store and transport equipment such as cameras, electronic devices, and scientific instruments. They are also used by first responders, military, and other professionals who require rugged and reliable protection for their gear. Pelican cases come in a variety of sizes and are also available with different levels of protection, such as watertight and airtight seals.